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TCC & Swarovski Brand Cooperation

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VALID UNTIL 31st March, 2014

SWAROVSKI GEMS™, Swarovski’s brand for genuine gemstones and created

stones, offers a unique, balanced selection of products made from the purest raw

materials. Each genuine gemstone and created stone is crafted to satisfy the

strictest standards for color, quality, size, and shape.

Hong Kong Galaxy Jewelry Ltd., (Brand: TCC) is an official Ingredient Branding

Partner of Signity Hong Kong Ltd., an affiliated company of Swarovski AG.

SWAROVSKI® is a registered trademark by Swarovski AG. Hong Kong Galaxy

Jewelry Ltd., (Brand: TCC) has a nonexclusive right, license and authorization to

use the language “Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA” in written and logo form.

This label is a strong symbol of identification, providing assurance that you are

buying only the finest zirconia quality.